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As a chill finally settles in over central Indiana and the mornings are a little colder and darker, there's no better time to transform a cozy corner of your apartment into a warm and inviting reading nook. Picture yourself curled up with a good book, a steaming cup of tea or hot cocoa, and a soft blanket. Creating your own little haven is not only a delightful way to spend the winter season, but it can also be a beautiful addition to your living space. Here is a quick and easy guide you can use to create your own cozy reading nook at home.

Choose the Perfect Spot

First, select the ideal location in your apartment for your reading nook. If you live at The Riverfront at Promenade Park Apartments, you have the luxury of a spacious open-concept floor plan that allows you to curate unique smaller spaces throughout your living area. You might consider taking advantage of natural light in a space near the large window wall you’ll find in many of our apartments. This may also be an area that’s relatively quiet and free from distractions. A corner or a small alcove can work well, too, as long as it’s a space that feels comfortable to you.

Plush Seating

The key to any reading nook is comfortable seating. This isn’t the time to choose a statement piece that’s attractive but not necessarily designed to kick back. Instead, try out a variety of seats and choose one that allows you to read comfortably but also won’t put you to sleep. If you’re shopping, you might even bring a book along with you to try it out!

A plush armchair with a soft throw pillow and a high back for head support is a classic choice for a reading nook. An ottoman, pouf, or footrest can add comfort and complete the look. You might also consider a large bean bag chair or oversized floor cushions for a more bohemian or minimalist look. They're easy to move around and can be stacked neatly when not in use.


Again, good lighting is crucial for a reading nook. You might take advantage of natural light during the day, but you’ll probably also want a reading lamp for evenings and also for those dark, chilly winter mornings. A floor lamp can offer functional lighting, or you might decide to make space for a side table and desk lamp.

Shelves and Storage

To keep your reading nook tidy and organized, add some bookshelves or storage options nearby. A small bookcase or floating shelves can house your favorite books, magazines, and any other reading materials you desire. You might even have some classic literature-themed artwork or decorative items that help designate your space as an area for book lovers.

Cozy Layers

Layering soft pillows and blankets is almost as essential as the chair for your reading nook arsenal. Invest in a soft, plush rug to define the space and add warmth to your feet. Complement your seating with soft, inviting cushions and throw blankets, and store them in a box or basket when not in use. Choose fabrics in wintery colors like deep blues, forest greens, or warm browns for a seasonal touch.

Personalize Your Nook

Again, your reading nook should be a reflection of your personality and love for books. Decorate with objects that bring you joy, such as scented candles, potted plants, or decorative items that resonate with you and set the mood.

Snacks and Beverages

Last but not least, don't forget to incorporate a small table or tray for your snacks and beverages! It doesn’t have to be enormous; a drink table is often large enough for a mug, a snack, and of course your current read.

The Riverfront at Promenade Park is located in a fun and active area of downtown, but these luxury apartments in Fort Wayne also provide a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of winter shopping and traffic. If you’re looking for a little bit of spacious solitude and warmth this winter, take a personal tour and reserve your dream home today: 260-222-4193